Switch User.

SU "[cmdline]" [domain] [[Winsta]Desktop] [options]

cmdline The command to run (default =&qt;comspec&qt;)
domain The domain for the user account (&qt;&qt;.&qt;&qt; = local m/c)
WinstaDesktop The profile to load (default = current)


-cb console bypass
-dn do not switch to new desktop
-g GUI option
-l load the .Default user registry hive
-w use current registry hive
-e Inherit parent environment
-b batch logon
-i interactive logon
-s service logon
-n network logon
-v verboseAll LogOn Types require specific User Rights to be granted…
SeNetworkLogonRight, SeServiceLogonRight, SeInteractiveLogonRight, SeBatchLogonRight
Bugs: see Q265401

The RUNAS command is a lot easier to use!