Counterizer is a powerful counter and statistics plugin for WordPress. An excellent alternative to “Google Analytics“. Tags: hits, visit, counter, traffic, statistics, stats, browser, operating, system, graph, chart, diagram Requires at least: WordPress 5.0.0 Tested up to: WordPress 5.8.1 Stable version: Counterizer v.1.0.1 Donate link: == Description == CounterizerContinue Reading

Hackerdaemon is a Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is “for Windows Servers only“. If you need protection for your desktop, please check out our HackerTracker System instead. IDS is a software application that monitors (network or system) internet/intranet activities for malicious purposes. It helps to discover policy violations and produces reportsContinue Reading

Complying with your ISP rules and regulations is very important, but it is also important to comply with the CAN SPAM Act and all FTC regulations. Add that to being able to take advantage of the maximum number of emails per hour allowed by your ISP. The new AutoMailer for Windows is aContinue Reading

Our new Bulk Mailer III is a Windows based application designed to deliver your “text” based, electronic newsletter, via any SMTP server in the world. At the same time, it will help you to comply with the CAN SPAM ACT, and all Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations. Including your ownContinue Reading

This application builds Electronic Internet Dictionaries with e-mail addresses included. DAPROSE Tarantula no longer consumes a Web service, it only grabs and extracts what it needs . A “must have” for the modern business. Our “TARANTULA” builds a text based prospective customer database in seconds!  You have never seen a productContinue Reading

DAPROSE Local Search For Windows builds text based prospective customer databases, instantly. Description Local Search for Windows builds prospective customer databases while blindly interacts with the Yahoo! Search Engine Service, or with the Yahoo! Boss! Search Engine Service to search for businesses, products, or services in the U.S.A. You can searchContinue Reading