Server Application Development Server-side applications in the managed world are implemented through runtime hosts. Unmanaged applications host the common language runtime which allows your custom managed code to control the behavior of the server. This model provides you with all the features of the common language runtime and class libraryContinue Reading

Client Application Development Client applications are the closest to a traditional style of application in Windows-based programming. These are the types of applications that display windows or forms on the desktop, enabling a user to perform a task. Client applications include applications such as word processors and spreadsheets, as wellContinue Reading

.NET Framework Class Library The .NET Framework class library is a collection of reusable types that tightly integrate with the common language runtime (CLR). The class library is object oriented, providing types from which your own managed code can derive functionality. This not only makes the .NET Framework types easyContinue Reading

The Common Language Runtime The common language runtime is the core component of the Microsoft .Net Framework and manages memory, thread execution, code execution, code safety verification, compilation, and other system services. These features are intrinsic to the managed code that runs on the common language runtime. With regards toContinue Reading

Mp3 audio format became available back in 1993. Shortly after it became the standard internet audio format, and it is still very much used world wide. Recently another format has been introduced, the mp4 audio-video format which allows video capability, so that users can watch movies, TV shows, music videosContinue Reading

Load balancing is the technique of spreading work between computers, hard disks, processes, etc. with the purpose of decreasing computing time and getting optimal resource utilization. This technique is generally performed by load balancers, whose aim is to exceed the capacity of a single server by increasing that of aContinue Reading

When you&qt;&qt;re using your computer, you expect that it will work whenever you want it to. You expect to be able to turn on your computer, do what you need to do, and have a good experience overall. But when things begin to happen to interrupt your computer time, thisContinue Reading

A multi-tasker needs all the RAM his PC will handle. I just increased mine to 2GB and I can tell a big difference. On the other hand, 512MB is a pretty healthy amount of real memory for a notebook – especially if you are using a PIV processor. If youContinue Reading

Just like all electronics, printers sometimes malfunction. However if you are a prepared consumer, you will bone up on the possibilities before a problem even occurs. So next time you find yourself in a jam—get it?—you can get out of it smoothly and easily. The Paper Jam We have allContinue Reading