Server Application Development Server-side applications in the managed world are implemented through runtime hosts. Unmanaged applications host the common language runtime which allows your custom managed code to control the behavior of the server. This model provides you with all the features of the common language runtime and class libraryContinue Reading

.NET Framework Class Library The .NET Framework class library is a collection of reusable types that tightly integrate with the common language runtime (CLR). The class library is object oriented, providing types from which your own managed code can derive functionality. This not only makes the .NET Framework types easyContinue Reading

Find and restore a good copy of the metabase. There are three possible locations for these backup copies: Use the Find feature to do a search for the Metabase.bin.bak file in the WinntSystem32Inetsrv folder. If the Metabase.bin.bak file is not found, search for a Metabase.bak in the WinntSystem32Inetsrv. If Metabase.bin.bakContinue Reading