All services contracted will be performed to the best of our knowledge and expertise, all in “good faith”

Trying to put our thoughts together about the constant requests for estimates that we usually receive on the phone and via email; this is what comes to mind:

About the project proposal

Without a fully written “Project Proposal”, We can not give anyone a true nor a realistic estimate on anything!

Any software application, large or small, could have tons of features and requirements; or just very few which in turn depend on many factors that must be considered on a one-by-one bases (individually).

Each software feature could take minutes, hours, days, or several months of programming time to complete. Without a descriptive list of features demanded “up front”, it is practically impossible to guess the total time and cost of any application,

An “Architect” creates the blueprints/plans for building a new house, and only then an “Engineer” can give you an estimate for building a new house, … (and build it once the price is agreed) , “But, not the other way around”. Asking an Engineer for an estimate about the costs for building a house without having the plans or blueprints to build the house, it will be impossible to guess the cost just from the imagination. And, … if not impossible, the estimate could be totally inaccurate and unrealistic.

If what you are looking for is just my hourly fee, please click here.
If you do not have the PROJECT PROPOSAL then you must hire an  “Information Systems Analyst” first. He/She, will be able to create a “COMPLETE PROJECT PROPOSAL” for you in less the one month in most cases.

Our Senior Programmer Analyst is both, a COMPUTER PROGRAMMER and a SYSTEMS ANALYST. Fully capable of creating any type of project proposal for any of your Information System needs.

Once the “Project Proposal” is completed, only then it must be presented to a “Computer Programmer” to obtain a quote or an estimate on the cost to complete the suggested application; and if agreed to create the application itself.

If you already have the “Project Proposal” then please send it to us via email to: so we can give you an estimate on the total cost, and the time required to complete the application;  otherwise, please write us a note stating that you need our “consulting services” first, so we can create the “Project Proposal” together.  In such a case, your full participation will be required and mandatory.

Don’t have a project proposal?

We could take a second approach to the problem of not having a project proposal. For those individuals who think that “plans and blueprints are not important”, “much less necessary”, because they think all they need is a “barn” and not a “hotel”, then, please provide me with some basic information and I can tell you later what is that I can do with the information you have available.
For example:
1)     Provide me with a brief explanation of the project,
2)     How much money do you want to spend in this project?
3)     How soon do you need it?
4)     What platforms will the project be implanted at? (Unix/Linux/Windows/RTOS/Mac)
5)     What inputs and outputs are involved? (PDAs/Reports/GUIs)
6)     What are the basic features you want in this project? (Make a list)
7)     Will this be a 1, 2, or 3 tier information system?

Prepayment is a requirement

Contracting any type of software development will require a prepayment before starting any project. Sometimes we may require the full 100% of the total cost “paid up-front”, while other times we may request just a percentage of the total cost paid up-front, in which case, some type of payment arrangements will have to be agreed upon the remaining balance.

No middle companies please

We prefer to work with the hiring company “directly”, without middle companies please. The reason is that most intermediaries usually want to make 50% or more on each contract, while at the same time we are the ones doing all the works. So please!, why should we split so much money with them after all?   Just for a phone call?  No way,  sorry!!  NO MIDDLE COMPANIES PLEASE!!

We do prefer to do our own work search and handle everything by ourselves.  In most cases, our fees are by far much less than those offered by the so called “big guys”.