Telnet is a terminal emulation program for TCP/IP networks such as the Internet. The Telnet program runs on your computer and connects your PC to a server on the network. You can then enter commands through the Telnet program and they will be executed as if you were entering themContinue Reading

Newspapers Internet magazines came with cover stories when Denial of service (DoS) attacks assaulted a number of large and very successful companies&qt;&qt; websites last year. Those who claim to provide security tools were under attack. If Yahoo, Amazon, CNN and Microsoft feel victim to DoS attacks, can any site-owner feelContinue Reading

A tree topology combines characteristics of linear bus and star topologies. It consists of groups of star-configured workstations connected to a linear bus backbone cable. Tree topologies allow for the expansion of an existing network and enable schools to configure a network to meet their needs. Advantages of a TreeContinue Reading

The best html web page editors will make it easy to create nice looking websites. But the content you select and how you organize it is the difference between visitors clicking away immediately or not. I’ve identified ten common mistakes made by web design newbies. Use this as a checklistContinue Reading

A star topology is designed with each node (file server, workstations, and peripherals) connected directly to a central network hub or concentrator. Data on a star network passes through the hub or concentrator before continuing to its destination. The hub or concentrator manages and controls all functions of the network.Continue Reading