Server Application Development

Server Application Development Server-side applications in the managed world are implemented through runtime hosts. Unmanaged applications host the common language runtime which allows your custom managed code to control the behavior of the server. This model provides you with all the features of the common language runtime and class library … Continue reading

Client Application Development

Client Application Development Client applications are the closest to a traditional style of application in Windows-based programming. These are the types of applications that display windows or forms on the desktop, enabling a user to perform a task. Client applications include applications such as word processors and spreadsheets, as well … Continue reading

Over 20 years programming computers

Your business can safely save tons of money contracting your software development with us.  We have over 20 years of experience developing microcomputer software. We accept programming contracts for clients who want customized software. All applications are developed “in our facility” according to a predefined set of specifications. Software Development … Continue reading

Get the current username

Get the username of the currently logged on user.Option Explicit Private Const UNKNOWN = _"(Value Unknown Because System Call Failed)" Private Declare Function GetUserName Lib "advapi32.dll" _Alias "GetUserNameA" (ByVal lpBuffer As String, nSize _As Long) As Long Public Function GetCurrentUserName() As String Dim l As LongDim sUser As String sUser … Continue reading

Add a Web Site to the Internet Explorer Favorites List

PURPOSE: This program adds a favorite to IE 4 or 5 “List of Favorites” INPUT: SiteName = Name of Web Site URL = URL FOR THE WEB SITE RETURNS: TRUE IF SUCCESSFUL, FALSE OTHERWISE Option Explicit Public Enum SpecialShellFolderIDs CSIDL_DESKTOP = &H0 CSIDL_INTERNET = &H1 CSIDL_PROGRAMS = &H2 CSIDL_CONTROLS = … Continue reading