Smart Business Directory

DAPROSE Smart Business Directory – (SBD) HOME | LOGIN | REGISTER Our Smart Business Directory is a S.I.C. (Standard Industrial Classification System) list of about 20 million businesses in the USA, you can access this directory via our SBD Subscription Service, or you can buy any list from our Mailing List Distribution … Continue reading

Over 20 years programming computers

Your business can safely save tons of money contracting your software development with us.  We have over 20 years of experience developing microcomputer software. We accept programming contracts for clients who want customized software. All applications are developed “in our facility” according to a predefined set of specifications. Software Development … Continue reading

Search-Engine Registration

Let the world find you! Register your domain name (Web site) at over 150 search engines in the world! We use our proprietary XML-RPC client-server system to ping/submit your Web site information to the most important search engines and blog registration systems in the world. Once we ping all XML-RPC servers … Continue reading